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Welcome to Dualsport Riding in Southern Africa 2015

We a currently have Routes in the...
Western Cape - Eastern Cape - Northern Cape
- Kwazulu Natal
- Swaziland
and Namibia

Southern Africa is renowned for having some of the best Dualsport Routes on the planet.
Southern Africa and surrounding countries have several Hundred Thousand kilometers of gravel roads, 480 000km to be exact, and perfect for Adventure Motorcycling across all skill levels. Dualsportafrica is constantly in the process of scouting and publishing new biking routes for all to enjoy.
We cannot of course verify all the routes in Southern Africa, cause there are far too many, but over the last 4 years we have discovered and published over 24 on this site.
We have a massive vault of routes and tracks, and with each update we will keep adding the new routes.
If there are no routes in Your province, then send us some ?

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